Althéra is an extensively hydrolyzed, hypoallergenic formula that provides first-line relief from the symptoms associated with cow’s milk protein allergy, i.e., eczema, colic, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation. Althéra, which contains lactose, is also nutritionally complete and designed to be close in composition to human breast milk and standard infant formula, allowing for normal growth and development. Suitable from birth onwards, Althéra’s taste and palatability make it easier to use for the long-term management of cow's milk protein allergy.

Always discuss with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your child’s diet.

Product preparation

How to Prepare Althéra

Preparing formula for your baby with our products is very similar to how you prepare standard infant formula.

Below you will see step-by-step instructions on how to prepare Althéra.
aaa product preparation guide WARNING: Unboiled water, unboiled bottles or incorrect dilution can make your baby ill. Incorrect storage, handling, preparation and feeding can eventually lead to adverse effects for the health of your baby.

Directions for use: 
Only prepare one bottle at a time.
Clean the area where you are going to prepare the bottle.
Feed immediately and follow the instructions exactly.
Do not keep unfinished bottle, discard unused portion.
Always hold baby while feeding.
Leaving baby unattended may cause choking.
Feed according to recommendations from your doctor.


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Please note that the nutritional composition of the products may slightly vary between countries according to local regulations
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