Resource Diabetic

Resource Diabetic


Resource Diabetic is low GI formula intended for dietary management of individuals with diabetes.


Breakfast lays the foundation of daily glycemic control for people living with diabetes 1. Usually, high protein and low GI (glycemic index) breakfast helps in dietary management in diabetes 2. It is suggested for individuals with diabetes to include Resource Diabetes in their breakfast for better management of glucose level.

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and Overweight Individuals: A Pilot Study. Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2008;27(3).




Product Details

Product Features

  • Goodness of high quality protein- Helps reduce post prandial blood glucose levels
  • It has low glycemic index (tested by international labs)- Products with low GI, release glucose more slowly in blood stream and thus leads to small and gradual rise in blood glucose.
  • Goodness of dietary Fiber- Helps in increasing satiety 3
  • Contains 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Vanilla flavor- Delicious taste

3. Lummela N, Kekkonen RA, Jauhiainen T et al. Effects of a fibre-enriched milk drink on insulin and glucose levels in healthy subjects. Nutrition Journal. 2009;8:45.

Nutritional Applications “indications”

Resource Diabetic is Low GI formula intended for:


Dietary management of individuals with diabetes



Nutritional Panel


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