About Nestlé Health Science

Nutrition therapies
changing the management of health


Formed in 2011, Nestlé Health Science is the first of a new breed of health-science company. Advancing the therapeutic role of nutrition to change the course of health management for consumers, patients, doctors, nurses and our partners in healthcare: this is our focus.



Through investing in innovation and leveraging leading edge science, we are striving to forge a new industry of nutritional therapies based upon inherently safe nutritional therapies with relevant levels of quality of life benefits and proven clinical and health economic value.


We are a global company, headquartered in Epalinges (near Lausanne), Switzerland, and employing around 3,000 people worldwide. Founded on the HealthCare Nutrition business of the Nestlé Group, we are building upon firm foundations. Already, we produce almost a billion science-based nutritional solutions per year that are either available through retail and pharmacy outlets (Consumer Care) or recommended by healthcare professionals in institutions (Medical Nutrition), addressing a spectrum of ages and health conditions from pediatric allergy to malnutrition amongst the frail elderly. We are not only investing and innovating rapidly in these arenas, but also in transformational technology platforms and advances that will create what we term Novel Therapeutic Nutrition. It’s about discovering and extending nutrition’s therapeutic role from targeting nutritional gaps/needs associated with particular health conditions, to bring forward products with a more direct therapeutic impact.


By harnessing scientific and clinical advances, and bringing forward innovations addressing unmet and underserved needs in new effective and cost-effective ways, we are forging a more integral role for nutrition in health management. External focus is key to this quest, and we have already made some key acquisitions and investment moves to enhance our capabilities and innovation potential. See chapter “Key Investments”.


With proprietary access to the research of Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, set-up simultaneously with our own company, and the taste and nutritional expertise of the Nestlé Group to draw upon – we are well positioned to fulfil our ambitions through innovative nutritional therapies.

our vision

Our vision reflects our focus on the needs of the people we serve – namely consumers or patients, and the doctors, nurses, healthcare specialist and carers who play a role in the management of their health.


Nestlé Health Science offers me nutritional therapies that change the way we approach the management of my health.